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In today’s global world, companies have to communicate effectively across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Large international organisations may even require translation services for internal purposes – be it for corporate communications (newsletters or intranets), HR, procurement, sales, or the legal department. Translating a detailed job description for an international assignment often requires the same depth of technical expertise and knowledge about the company or industry as, say, a tender document. Without the right background, translators may struggle to understand the subtle nuances of a press release and fail to get the intended message across, particularly when it comes to reading between the lines. And the same is by and large also true for interpreting.

The people at enerTec Translations have decades of experience in translating and interpreting for various branches of the energy sector. They know the technical side of the industry, the market and the political context and have what it takes to offer a tailored approach to your communication needs: a thorough understanding of the matter at hand.


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