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                            “The difference between the right word and the

                                almost right word is really a large matter —

                    it’s the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

                                                       Mark Twain


While most language service providers offer 'all languages and all areas of expertise'our focus is on translations and interpreting from/into German, English, French and Spanish in a selected range of technical, legal and financial areas for the energy sector and related industries. 

Our translators and interpreters have many years’ experience in their fields and are committed to providing a first-class service.


See list below for details of the subject areas we cover.

Natural gas & hydrogen

Exploration & production, transportation (pipelines, LNG), distribution, underground storage, end use (industrial, commercial and residential), natural gas appliances, NGVs, biomethane 
more ...



Renewable and conventional power generation, project development, plant operation, pollution control, transmission and distribution, power2gas, power2heat, conventional & nuclear decommissioning, e-mobility, smart grids, smart homes 
more ...


Energy & climate policy

Sector coupling, energy efficiency, third internal energy market package, tariff structures, regulated & unregulated markets, balancing energy market, capacity allocation 
more ... 



Emission allowances, coal, gas and power trading, balancing energy, trading platforms, OTC trading, products, portfolio optimisation, risk management

more ..



Contract law, company law, cartel law, environmental law, labour law, patent & copyright law 
more ... 



Press releases, Internet/Intranet content, reports, 'lines to take', speeches, presentations, brochures, etc.


Finance & accounting

Financial statements, quarterly/annual reports (to German GAAP (HGB), IFRS/IAS), auditor reports, medium-term planning, etc. 



Personnel reports, secondment contracts, management & leadership tools, personnel development, labour relations, etc.



Marketing research, strategic planning, direct marketing, customer surveys, customer group segmentation and targeting, contracting, consultancy services, customised power and gas products,  contracting models, etc.

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